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As an international applicant it is now standard practice to send a pre-screening video before being invited to audition. Covid-19 has obviously solidified this procedure. I can help to make this work to your advantage by enhancing your “package” so that it is audition ready.



Bespoke preparation for entry into the German

Hochschule system 

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1. Play

Send a video of your chosen audition repertoire, presenting yourself as you would to a jury. Introduce yourself, announce your repertoire, and of course… play!

2. Review

After reviewing your video you will then have the opportunity to coach and streamline your application over several sessions, working with both Andreas and Daniel Röhn.

3. Apply

These sessions will give you the tools to present yourself at your best, help you understand the stylistic nuances of your repertoire related to such an audition, and give you the confidence to apply for any Hochschule within the German System.

The Process
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