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Image by Joel Wyncott


Do you want to study violin in Germany?

With over 30 universities specifically training classical musicians, Germany is the most desired place for the international violin student wanting to hone their musical craft and launch their career. Though the number of applications to study at these prestigious institutions increases year on year.


With its culmination of tradition, unique orchestral landscape, renowned professors and attractive work opportunities, Germany has a unique reputation and status in the musical world.


For many, it comes with a certain prestige to study in Germany. Indeed enough reasons to understand the flood of applications reaching the Conservatoirs, Universities, and Hochschules.


But very few players are selected and invited.


Setting yourself apart is now more crucial than ever. Playing “the best” is no longer everything.

Learn how to convince the jury, the committee that in the end decides who gets a place to study and who doesn’t.


Can you do something to guarantee you get selected? No.


Can you do something to increase your chances to be selected? YES.


Bespoke preparation for entry into the German

Hochschule system 

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