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I am Violinist Danial Röhn, third generation of one of Germany'smost distinguished 
musical traditions.

Erich Röhn, 
my grandfather, started it...

Being one of the finest players in Germany at his time, he was 1st concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic in the era under legendary conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler up to the 1940s. Still today, this era of the Philharmonic and Furtwängler is considered the most significant of all time, anywhere in the world. It was the invention of an orchestral sound, that musicians and historians speak about ever since.


During World War 2, on January 12th 1944, Erich Röhn performed the Beethoven Violin Concerto with Furtwängler and the Philharmonic in the old Philharmonic hall in Berlin, at 17° Celsius, because the heating did not work anymore. Shortly after the hall was bombed and completely destroyed. Released on Deutsche Grammophon, this live recording of the Beethoven Concerto remains one of the biggest milestones in the work’s history.


Always described an extremely expressive player, my grandfather’s career included teaching, solo playing, chamber music, and of course orchestra. After the war he was appointed 1st concertmaster of the NDR Symphony Orchestra Hamburg.


No doubt he passed on talent, and later, wisdom to his son, my father...

Andreas Röhn Foto.JPG

Andreas Röhn, 
my father...

A living legend in music life, is to many the last of the old guard of concert masters. His solo career began when he won the prestigious Carl Flesch international violin competition in London in 1966, as the only German ever. Following that, he recorded his debut recital disc for Deutsche Grammophon, and toured the world as soloist.


In his concertmaster years (1973-2009) he led the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra for nearly three decades, working regularly with conductor giants such as Bernstein, Celibidache, Kubelik, Maazel, and Mariss Jansons.


He was appointed a professorship for violin in 1985 at the Musikhochschule Hamburg, and teaches there to this day. Having judged countless auditions, and having also heard countless comments of critique from teacher colleagues, jury members, evaluating such auditions, he is a great source of information.


Through extensive exchange between father and son, this source of information, and decades of musical knowledge, were over the years passed on to myself:

Daniel Röhn,
The third generation...

I am gathering experience over my two decades spanning international career. Experience and information, which shall be of great value to your plan to study in Germany.


As a concert violinist and violist, pedagogue, guest concert master, chamber musician, recording artist, arranger of music, with experience as conductor, sound engineer, and video director, I have over time developed a feeling for what decision makers in our classical music industry wish to hear, see, and experience - and (equally important), what they Don’t want.


I have very clearly learnt this through the example of my own career and playing, and through various other musicians I have been working with and guiding.


I have been mostly associated with the Musikhochschule Hamburg as a guest teacher, and have given master classes worldwide. I myself studied in Munich with Prof. Ana Chumachenco in the famous class of 1995-2000.


As a soloist I have performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the BRSO, under conductors such as Gustavo Dudamel and Riccardo Muti. Besides I have created special projects like “the Kreisler Story” and “the Golden Violin”.


If you want to know more about me as a violinist and violist, please visit

But This website here shall be more about You. For what interests me most is: how do YOU present yourself? I can help you with that!



Bespoke preparation for entry into the German

Hochschule system

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